Click to enlargeTIGER IRON JASPER

TIGER IRON JASPER includes fiery striations of Golden Tiger's Eye, Red Jasper and Hematite . It has all the properties of these stones magnified. It also is a stone of vitality and strength. It helps to ground the wearer into the pulse of the Earth, creating stability and allowing for better flow of energy. Tiger Iron Jasper is a solar fire stone that stimulates and heals the root chakra. It helps to clear, balance and strengthen the chakras allowing for channeling of energy and divine guidance. Tiger Iron is a protective stone enhancing ones own shielding. It stimulates creativity and helps one to appreciate the beauty around them. Tiger Iron Jasper has an affinity for Leo and vibrates to the number seven.

For jewelry using Tiger Iron Jasper see our Golden Manifestation Necklace. on e-mail to have it included in a dreamcatcher for you!

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