Click to enlargeSleeping Beauty Turquoise 
with Sugilite and Sterling 
Silver Bracelet

This stunning Crystal Weaver™ Personal Empowerment Bracelet was custom made using the birth Natal Chart of the recipient to create a one of a kind piece energetically balanced for the owner. Please if you would like to duplicate it, or use the link above to order your own. This bracelet was created using stunning Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and light and dark Sugilite with Sterling Silver.

SUGILITE- is called "the love stone for this age". Sugilite emphasizes the mind/body connection. It has surfaced now to bring special healing power to the universe. The energy of Sugilite flows from the crown to the base chakras, activating and aligning the other chakras along the way and encouraging the Kundalini energy. It helps to bring meaning to our lives and forgive the past. It is a protective stone, eliminating hostility. Sugilite has an affinity for Virgo , and vibrates to the numbers two, three, and seven.

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