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RHODOCHROSITE - is known as the "stone of love and balance" for it is said to contain a pulsating electrical energy which emits the power of love. It moves heart and emotional energy to the lower body to integrate the strong and more subtle energies, affecting the triads of the Chakras to generate a more complete spiritual and physical body. Rhodochrosite amplifies and cleanses the root and sacral Chakras and other subtle bodies. It assists the owner in creating new worlds filled with love and pleasant dreams. Rhodochrosite has an affinity for Scorpio and Leo and vibrates to the number four.

To have a bracelet made with Rhodochrosite see our Choose your own stones Jewelry Section or the Scorpio Astrology bracelet or earrings. For a dreamcatcher made with Rhodochrosite see our Design Your Own Dreamcatcher page or see our Scorpio Astrology Dreamcatcher.

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