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Leopard Jasper, also known as Orbicular Jasper, is composed primarily of silicon dioxide (SiO2) and is a variety of Chalcedony, a special type of quartz known for its tight microcrystalline structure. It is generally an opaque combination of tan, gray, black or reddish-brown circles or 'spots' of color, hence its name. Leopard Jasper is called the "patron stone of counselors and healers". It gives strength in heavy emotional issues and during times of great stress by bringing hidden thoughts, grief, fears, and hopes to the surface and helps one to face the causes. Leopard Jasper provides grace in movement and balance. It has an affinity for Capricorn and vibrates to the number six. Click on the following link to see an example of Jewelry with Leopard Jasper. Click on the following link to see an example of a Dreamcatcher with Leopard Jasper. You can also customize your own Jewelry or Dreamcatcher to include Leopard Jasper.

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