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5 inch Dreamcatcher

Inspired to bring in the energy of the Earth, this beautiful design has the general energy that stimulates creativity and promotes healing and grounding. Each is created to activate an awareness to one's environment and intuitive nature. It will also help the recipient on their journey toward self-awareness. This 5 inch (12.7cm) saddle deerskin wrapped dreamcatcher contains: Moss Agate, "the stone of Earth awareness", Carnelian, "stone of creativity", Red Jasper, "the supreme nurturer", and Leopard Jasper, "patron stone of counselors and healers" stone chips in concentric circles, with Brass accents, matching "Zuni" Bears, saddle deerskin lace and natural feathers. You may also choose to have an arrowhead or plain (as shown).

Made to order.

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Gaia's Delight™ 5 inch Dreamcatcher
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