Click to enlargeFresh Water Pearls

Pearls have been a treasured adornment for over 6000 years. The rare naturally occurring ones have had legends surrounding their discovery and their magically powers. Freshwater pearls have been cultivated in Japan and China since the 1950’s. Many colors and shapes are now available. Pearls are a precious organic gemstone created when oysters and mussels are irritated with sand or parasites and the mollusk forms a protective shell around the substance. Pearls are very soft and sensitive to acids, heat and humidity so they need special care and cannot be dipped in jewelry cleaner or silver polish.

Metaphysically the pearl is known as the “stone of sincerity”; accessing ones truth, integrity and loyalty. It symbolizes faith, charity and innocence – helping one to achieve these states. Pearls provide an opening in the self for higher guidance and wisdom. They have been used to treat digestive maladies and increase fertility. Pearls have an affinity for Cancer and Gemini and vibrate to the number seven.

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