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AQUA AURA QUARTZ - is called the "Aura Clearer" because it clears and smoothes the Aura, balancing the Chakras and aiding one to release negativity from the emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual bodies. It is made from the infusion of pure gold with a quartz crystal, thus the crystal also embodies the qualities of Gold and Clear Quartz. Therefore Aqua Aura Quartz also raises the consciousness toward the enlightened state increasing intuition, social awareness, confidence, and power. It amplifies, focuses, stores, and transforms energy. Aqua Aura Quartz allows for a profound altered state of consciousness, by bringing the energy of the stars into the soul and transferring thoughts into sound. It allows inner beauty to shine forth, aiding in the actualization of self-potential. Aqua Aura Quartz can be used to purify and balance the Heart Chakra. Click on the following link for an example of a dreamcatcher using Aqua Aura.

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