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Amethyst is composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2). Its purple coloring is caused by impurities of iron or manganese compounds mixed in with the basic quartz. It ranges in color from very pale to deep purple and is sometimes banded in purple and white, sometimes mixed with clear rock crystals, and sometimes mixed with brownish-yellow Citrine. Amethyst is called the "healer's stone", "stone of spirituality and contentment", and "stone of meditation". Amethyst enhances one's own creative energy and healing power, by assisting the mind's surrender to higher spiritual energies; soothing, calming, and tranquilizing the mind during meditation; and calming the mind for sleep and inspired dreams. It is also a great purifier. Amethyst opens you up to the cosmos bringing in all the positive energy around you, balancing and aligning the ethereal energies of the intellectual/mental, emotional, and physical. It helps you to understand death and rebirth. Amethyst has an affinity for Pisces, Aquarius, Virgo and Capricorn and vibrates to the number three. Click here for an example of Jewelry with Amethyst. Click here for an example of a Dreamcatcher with Amethyst. You can also customize your own jewelry or dreamcatcher to include Amethyst.

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